Authentic Arizona, The Wild, Wild West

Arizona is a beautiful state and has its own unique varieties of vegetation and terrain. The terrain doesn't just vary from other states but also, varies markedly within the state. The beauty of Arizona intrigues people from all over the world. The Sonoran desert is home to the saguaro cactus as well as many other different cacti. This area has its own animal life also. We find javelina, gila monsters, horned lizards, road runners, big-horned sheep, pronghorn antelope, elk, jack rabbits, rattle snakes and more.

As if the variety of terrain, flora and fauna were not enough, the history of Arizona is another very intriguing aspect of this land. The first settlers who lived here hundreds of years ago have left traces of themselves all over. Some sources contend that this state has had settlers for more than 10,000 years. Because of the heat and dryness, much of their art and remnants remain intact. As you hike and travel the state, there are reminders of their presence, not to mention traces of miners and homesteaders along the way.

Ears of Corn

Ears of Corn

The historic spots show that settlers were here long before European settlers were and hiking Arizona reminds us of this. We were once hiking in Sedona on one of the not so popular hikes that takes you to a ruin, when we discovered petrified ears of corn. If I were hiking in New York, this would have not dried out but would have become compost because of the high humidity.


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